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By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you’re hereby acknowledging and accepting the agreement to our service and subsequently provided the right to use our website. By using the services that we provide, you agree to be bound by this agreement. The word you’’ or “user” refers to a visitor. While the term “we” refers to the website. Also, the legitimate age to use our services is 18, therefore we do not hold any responsibility if any issue arises for visitors who’re underage.

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1. General Terms

We are here to make your shopping hauls budget-friendly! Discount Detail strives to bring exciting deals and offers which every shopper dreams of getting. However, it is mandatory to mention that we do not take any responsibility for the brands and retailers that we are working with. Neither do we offer any type of warranty that is given by brands, retailers, and third parties for their products, coupon codes, promotions, coupons, and other sorts of discounts. Therefore, if any problem arises between you and the brand, we take no responsibility for it.

Retailers listed on the platform of Discount Details have complete authority to cancel any coupon codes that they offer. It can be done without any prior warnings at any time. The links published on our website of the redeemable coupons completely determined on the terms and conditions of the brand or retail store they belong to.

2. The Services

Discount Details is a platform that solely brings forward Coupons. It is also important to mention that we do not take any responsibility for the redemptions, errors, omissions, or expiration of online coupons. It’s the duty of the user to ensure that a special offer is present in the checkout process at the applicable merchant’s website. We have no control over the legality of any coupons or the ability of any merchant to complete the sale in accordance with the offers.

3. Trademarks

Discountdetails.com, the logo of our site, product, or any service name that features on the platform is the trademark of our supplier or us. Therefore, we don’t allow any other partner to use it on their platform without our consent. Moreover, all the trademarks, product names, company names, or logos mentioned on our service or in content comes under the property of different owners. Any reference to products, services, processes, or other information, by trade name, trademark, manufacturer to any products, services, or otherwise, does not imply that we endorse, sponsor, or recommend.

4. Refer-a-Coupon to Us

All the information regarding the current Refer-a-Coupon terms is given below:

Refer-a-coupon means that if you have any have a coupon that belongs to a third party, that you want to share along with other shoppers that we don’t have available, can be shared by you on our website. But, we take no responsibility for it. Users can use it from our platform but it is important to identify that we take zero responsibility for them. So, when using those, you have to agree to these terms or if you do not, then please don’t use them.

5. Termination:

Discount Detail is entitled to terminate any account of the user that too without any prior notice. All the coupons available on our platform are subject to availability according to the expiry date set up by the original providers. In order to avail of active coupons, you have to make sure that you’re also active here. We take no responsibility if the offers provided in the form of these coupons are expired. We also hold the right to terminate your use of the service and website if you violate any of our agreements.


It is mandatory that all the members that use our website 18 or above, which is the legal age to be active and we also completely abide by it. Discount Detail do not take any such responsibility if any issue arises if the inaccurate age has been given. Also, all users must be human beings who are in search of coupons to save money, as we do not allow automated machines on our platform. Make sure that you register with an active and working email address so that you can keep with all the important updates.

Moreover, all the members are only allowed to have one account on our platform which implies that you can only use one account per person.

7. Guarantee

All the coupons and discount deals found on Discount Details will work until their date is valid.

In case any of the coupons you redeem from our platform do not work, you’re as a result of it requested to contact us within 24 hours.

Determination of eligibility of your account and the coupon being applied will be at the sole discretion of Discount Details.

Note: The users themselves must make sure that the purchases they are making meet all the requirements.

8. Content Disclaimer

All the content available on Discount Details is not enforced with warranties of any kind. Neither do we hold any surety of content errors, content offers, and from any third-party websites that are provided. Any third party views are in no way associated with us. Neither do any copyrighted, vandalized, or we affiliate slander websites provided by third-party sites, nor do they represent us as a company.

9. Use Of Discount Details

Discount Detail has zero tolerance towards any individual or organization that recreates or copies any of the components of our website without our consent. We allow no reproduction, duplication, distribution, publication, modification, or transmission of material from our platform. The type of material that comes under this prohibition includes content, graphics, photographs, and logos.

DISCLOSURE: All of the third party trademarks that appear on The Discount Details are the property of third-party owners. The presence of any such trademarks does not mean that The Discount Details had any affiliation or any relationship with the third party neither the third party endorses The Discount Details services. The Discount Details may earn a commission when you use one of the coupons/links placed on the website to make a purchase.

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