Are YouTubers paid on skipped ads

Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip the Ad?

There is one question that is commonly asked by beginner-level Youtubers and that is ‘Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip the Ad? Similarly,, there are many other questions that pop up in the mind of people who have either started using Youtube or thinking of using it. Therefore, we’re here to answers all the questions that running in your mind. After going through this blog all your misunderstandings will be cleared!

Let’s now talk about Do YouTubers Get Paid If You Skip the Ad? So, if you come across an ad that you can skip, Youtube is actually checking a few things with the ad. Firstly, youtube is monitoring if the ad is impressive enough to grab the viewer’s attention. Secondly, youtube also notices that maybe the content you want to watch is quite impressive that you do not even want to wait for a few seconds to watch it. Thirdly and the last thing is that youtube checks how patient you are.

YouTube’s Ad Types

I must have noted there are different types of Ads that are played on YouTube. There are the ones that show up in your in starting, during, or at the end. When it comes to in-stream ads, YouTube gives you two options. The kind of ad that gets the show on your video determines whether you will get paid for it or not.

YouTube has two options when it comes to in-stream advertising campaigns. The type of ad that gets shown on your video determines whether you get paid anything on skipped ads.

TrueView for Reach Ads

Do YouTubers Get Paid When skipped ad

Those who’re on YouTube for a long time would consider this type of as a traditional YouTube Advertising model. In TrueView ads, the advertiser pays per engagement. The true meaning of the word ‘engagement’ can be defined as the watch time of a video of thirty seconds or interaction with the ad. If the ad is shorter than thirty seconds, then the viewer will have to watch the whole thing for it to count as an engagement.

Non-Skippable Bumper Ads

Similar to TrueView Ads, Non-Skippable Bumper Ads can also show up before, during, and at the end of your video. However, what makes these ads different is that the duration of it is six seconds long, and can’t be skipped by the user. These ads are charged on the basis of CPM. This means that, rather than earning you money every time a viewer clicks on the ad, they earn money for every 1,000 views they receive.

Do YouTubers Get Paid if You Skip Ads?


Do YouTubers Get Paid if You Skip Ads? Well it depends upon the type of the ad as It is obvious that in non-shippable ads there is no option to skip the ad, so when it shows up on a YouTuber’s video, they will be definitely paid. However, when it comes to TrueView ads, a Youtuber will earn money if the ad is watched for at least thirty seconds. Otherwise, the YouTuber will not be paid.


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