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Secure Environment By DungeonFog Coupon Code:

Security comes first so the player data is protected by SSL encryption in the transfer process. To save money on sign-up or other purchases, you can always use a DungeonFog Coupon Code.

DungeonFog is powered by Hexels - an award-winning 3D printing software, which makes creating beautiful maps easy. Other than many big companies, we are not using any external map providers, but our own hand-drawn maps. We believe that it's way better for players and GMs to choose among unique maps made just for their games instead of reusing existing assets over and over again.

RPG Battel By DungeonFog Coupon Code:

DungeonFog is available free of charge to everyone who has access to an internet connection and wants to try out creating maps! But if you want to take advantage of all the extra features available to members, you have to sign up. The free membership provides access to a few old maps from our previous version of the application called DungeonMaker. Maps created in DungeonFog are compatible with both applications so if you ever decide to upgrade you will see your old tilesets right away. DungeonFog Coupon Code can be easily accessed from Discount Details.

Stay Connected With DungeonFog Coupon Code:

When not connected to a game, players can explore sample dungeons and assemble all types of cool scenes out of predefined elements that we provide. When the GM connects to a session, he is provided with a full-fledged map editor where he can draw new areas or edit existing ones using Hexels' brushes and a dynamic lighting engine. He can add objects from predefined categories such as furniture, plants, doors and set their properties like light level or weight. All of this can be done in real-time, which enables the GM to interactively place heroes & villains into the scene. Don't forget to use a DungeonFog Coupon Code on your sign-up.

DungeonFog is used by game masters all around the world to enhance their games with custom lighting and unique maps. We are working closely together to bring them even better tools for creating dynamic adventures soon!

More About DungeonFog Coupon Code:

You can use DungeonFog free of charge. The only thing that's limited is how many maps you can create (this limit increases if you purchase one of our premium plans). If you want to create more than 50 maps per month, we offer several subscriptions and a DungeonFog Coupon Code that also include an unlimited number of maps.

If you would like to know more, please visit us at www.dungeonfog.com. We've got a growing community of supporters over there and will answer any question as quickly as possible! If you want to support our mission, simply share our website with your friends on social media or tell them about that awesome GM tool that you are using.

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