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Fortnite Shopping Tips

  • Try out different game modes.
  • Papercraft cosplay.
  • Compete with others.

More About Fortnite

Benefits Of Fortnite Obby Codes:

Fortnite is a free 100-player PVP where you fight to be the last one standing in this action-building game by Epic Games. As of now, there are 4 maps for Fortnite Battle Royal which are:

• Fortnite Battle Royale (the normal map)

• Fortnite Save the World (PVE with zombies)

• Fortnite Creative (free build mode with all weapons and items unlocked!)

• Fortnite Playground (free build mode but only with weapons that are found in Battle Royale)

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How To Play?

They chose Fortnite because it is a popular game right now and they wanted to create content that people can enjoy! To play the Obby all you have to do is click on one of the three difficulty options, then choose a character. You start at your house and as soon as you jump out of bed you begin! First thing's first, pick up those weapons!

Tips And Tricks:

You can use Fortnite Obby Codes to your advantage and make the most out of it.

- When jumping off the edge of platforms always look down to see where you will land. - Remember, there are no rules in Fortnite so it's okay if you don't like the other players!

- When fighting, try to keep moving and keep your distance from other players.

- When you're running out of health remember that eating apples restores lots of health! - Save rockets for when people are next to walls or other things that they can hide behind.

More About Fortnite Obby Codes:

The Fortnite Obby Codes can be used in multiple ways to get the advantage for yourself. The obby took the developers about 5 hours to complete in one go! Of course, there were breaks in between but it still took them a long time. The main part is just running through obstacles and fighting other players, but there are also some surprises when you get further into the game! I'm not going to spoil much though 😅.

Saving works very much like most obbies where when you die you have to start all over again! You can save by using ctrl or v on your keyboard as well as clicking the Save button located at the bottom right corner.

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