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More About Pit Barrel Cooker

Temperature Control In A Barrel:

The temperature in Pit Barrel runs between 200°F-275°F, depending on the weather conditions. It will typically take about 1 hour for your cooker to come up to temperature if you are cooking in 60° F or warmer weather. The colder it is outside when you start cooking, the longer your cooker will take to get hot enough. Don’t forget to use Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons to get amazing deals.

For best results, try using 3 standard bags of lump charcoal. Pile-lit coals on one side of the bottom barrel section only. Maintain low and steady heat by adding a fresh batch of lit coals every couple of hours. This will ensure that you have a consistent temperature for many hours without having to tend it constantly.

Advantages Of Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons:

-Price: The price point of this cooker will allow more people to enjoy cooking with charcoal in a convenient, hassle-free way. High-quality metal construction helps retain heat very efficiently so you don't need as much charcoal as other smokers made from similar materials. To lower the price even more use Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons.

-Ease of Use: Since food hangs inside the barrel away from direct heat, maintaining exact temperatures is easier than most other types of cookers (pellet burners, open fire pits, or traditional smokers). There is no need to tend the fire as food cooks.

-Versatility: you can do more than just cook with Pit Barrel. It's a great source of heat for keeping warm on chilly days or evenings, and we've even seen people dry their freshly cut herbs over it!

Easy Assembling By Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons:

No tools are required to assemble your Pit Barrel Cooker which you can buy by using Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons. We promise that if you can stack a couple of bags of charcoal and place the meat on the crosshatch, you can put this cooker together in less than 10 minutes. If you've received one of our DIY Kits, assembly time will be about 5 minutes! Just drop the parts onto the barrel and start loading up some meat...

More About Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons:

Pit Barrel Cooker is an all-metal smoker cooker that uses charcoal and wood for smoking your favourite meats. The unique design of the Pit Barrel allows you to cook with indirect heat at low temperatures very efficiently with little effort. There are multiple benefits of using Pit Barrel Cooker Coupons.

The benefits of cooking with natural lump charcoal in combination with wood chunks over other types of smokers are:

-No lighter fluid needed; no cleaning up spilled lighter fluid afterward.

-Cooking with non-refined fossil fuels is healthier than using propane or electric smokers because there are fewer chemicals added to them (see our About Lump Charcoal page).

-The food has a nice smoky flavour not possible from gas or electrical smokers.

-You can turn it on and off whenever you want (not possible on some other smokers).

-It's more fuel-efficient than wood or pellet-burning smokers (3 standard bags of charcoal will burn for about 12-14 hours or more).

-It works great in all types of weather (rain, snow, high heat, and humidity) .

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