What To Do With Bell Vouchers?

If you in search of the question ‘What to do with Bell Vouchers?’ and still haven’t got a satisfactory answer, then we are here to solve your problem. Bell vouchers are one of the most valuable items that you can collect in Animal Crossing. You may find it in a Noor Terminal or come across it during your tour. It is more than certain that Bell Vouchers are vital to making most of your rewards. Here we have jotted down everything you may need to know about Bell Vouchers.

How to use Bell Vouchers?

Bell Vouchers can be availed from the Nook Stop in the Resident Services Tent or Building. The worth of these when you purchase them is 500 Nook Miles and are sold for 3,000 Bells.  While the use of it is to convert Nook Miles into Bells.

These vouchers are efficient in converting miles to Bells, as the cost of Nook Miles tickets is 10,000 Bells each. Though both tickets stack to a maximum of 10, a stack of Nook Miles tickets would be worth more than a stack of Bell vouchers.

And during the May Day event, one can obtain a minimum amount of 9 Bell vouchers by completing the maze using as little fruit as possible.

How to get May Day Tour Tickets?

Similar to Nook Miles, the May Day Tour Ticket will give you access to a special gateway from your deserted island getaway. It is known to be a special reward that Tom Nook has combined for you and so do the other working residential representatives out there. Just like the very first Nook Miles that you receive, your May Day Tour Ticket will be held for you over at the Dodo Airlines counter in the airport.

You can redeem Nook Miles for a Bell Voucher as many times as you want as there appears no limit whatsoever. So if there’s nothing else that you need early on this can be a quick way to build up your Bank of Nook account on the ABD.

Here’s the Fastest Way to Make Bells Early On

After knowing What to do with Bell Vouchers, the next question that must have come to your mind is what exactly is the fastest way to make bell vouchers? Well, you won’t get the opportunities to make Bells early on in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here’s what you need to do!

Step. 1: Stock up on Tree Branches

Step 2: Craft a fishing rod

Step 3: Fish until your inventory is full

Step 4: Sell the fish to Timmy

Step 5: Repeat until your fishing rod breaks then swap to another

How Do I Get Extra Bell Vouchers On May Day?

In order to earn extra bell vouchers, all you have to do is dig up the bush behind the tree and then you will be able to make your way through the back of the maze. Then head south and you’ll come to these three rocks. Eat up the remaining three fruits in your inventory and break the three rocks with a shovel to gain access to the Bell Vouchers. That’s enough to make you earn some extra bell vouchers.


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